On September 9th and 10th took place the 2nd edition of the Sahara Beach Tchoukball Festival in Monastir, Tunisia.

The tournament was played on the beach of Monastir, and it was an absolute pleasure to see the many different teams from all over Tunisia in the game, representing all regions of the country.

In addition, the match had several international guests, with other teams from Geneva and a team from Dubai UAE, led by Julio Calegari, originally from Brazil.

For the international guests, it was the opportunity to experience the warm welcome of the Tunisian hosts.

Mr. Ummar Abbasi (CEO) UA-Logistics Dubai UAE started his own business two years back in Dubai UAE, he is 23 years old young man, and he is from Kashmir, Pakistan.

He started playing tchoukball in 2017, thanks to the introduction to our sport by his volleyball coach Mr. Manzoor Ahmed and the General Secretary of Pakistan Tchoukball Federation.

Mr. Emmanuel Asad. In 2018, he was selected by the Pakistan National Team and attended an international tchoukball training course delivered by Chris Huang from Taiwan.

Ummar Abbasi loves playing tchoukball to progress and prove to himself that he can become better and better. He also enjoys traveling to different places and meeting new people and players from other countries.

Today Mr. Ummar Abbasi lives in Dubai, UAE, and doing his business in Logistics services (UA Logistics) Dubai to Pakistan Cargo Services, where he regularly trains with his teammates from all over the world and is trained by Julio Calegari.

Ms. Erika Mesmer is an international player’s relationship coordinator in geneva-indoors, and she is very passionate about the tchoukball indoor games. She is a player and trainer in Switzerland.

Ms. Erika met with Mr. Ummar Abbasi during the tournament of the Tchoukball Festival in Monastir, Tunisia. She talked about the carrier of Mr. Ummar, and he started to promote the Geneva Indoors to him.

Very quickly, he interrupted me by telling me: “Erika, I know the Geneva Indoors. I have been watching every single video of all the games.

It is thanks to those videos that I have been able to make such good progress in tchoukball. In 2018, when I watched for the first time, I was very inspired by Antonio Nostrangelo from Italy.

I have been watching his way of playing to improve mine. And then I started to watch Yanis Bruhin and the players from Taiwan as well!”.

Mr. Julio Calegari, I am very thankful to you for providing us the opportunity to play at the International Tchoukball Festival in Monastir, Tunisia. Julio is a very professional and fantastic trainer/coach for youngsters.

He has been making extraordinary efforts to promote the Tchoukball game in the Medel-East for several years. We thank you for giving me the excellent opportunity to express and promote the fantastic Tchoukball game.



CEO UA-Logistics

Muhammad Ummar Arshad Abbasi

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